#1 Buy Here Pay Here Program in Lakeland

infiniti Q50s financed through our Buy Here Pay Here by EZ AUTO Lakeland. Customer was approved regardless of their credit.
Buy Here Pay Here in Lakeland, Florida. We will get you financed regardless of your credit.


We, at EZ AUTO Lakeland are dedicated to provide the best and smoothest experience buying a used car. Therefore, we have designed the most up-front and easiest Buy Here Pay Here program in Lakeland, FL!

Our customer rate it as the #1 Buy Here Pay Here program in Florida and there are many reasons for that. In other words, we are fully committed to have NO-HASSLE financing process BUT also provide you with the cleanest and certified used car you can ever purchase.

Above all, our Buy Here Pay Here program is available to fit all type of budgets and credit situations. With low & affordable Down Payments, we are able to help almost every customer who walks through our doors.

  • Bad Credit? We can help!
  • No Credit? We can help!
  • Previous repos? We can help!
  • Open auto loans? We can help!
  • No social? We can help too!


In conclusion, our Buy Here Pay Here program and approvals are very straight forward. In addition, it will help you rebuild your credit usually after 6 months of making your monthly payments on time. Serving areas in and around Lakeland, Florida.


f150 financed through our buy here pay here program


Our entire used car inventory is well kept, inspected and reconditioned to the best quality possible to ensure our customers have a great experience and are fully satisfied.

Buy Here Pay Here program benefits:

  • Low Down Payments
  • Affordable MONTHLY Payments
  • Credit rebuilding!
  • NO-HASSLE financing process!
  • 6 MONTHS OR 7500 MILES WARRANTY through GWC Warranty.

We are the top-rated Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Lakeland, FL!




EZ AUTO Lakeland

Founded in 2016 in Lakeland, FL, we offer quality and reliable used cars to our customers through our unique buy here pay here financing. At last, the attention to customer experience has been our leading edge.

Our buy here pay here financing program is very unique and has been perfectly designed to help you finance your next used car.

More information on our Buy Here Pay Here inventory, CLICK HERE

In conclusion, we don’t sell cars, WE HELP YOU BUY THEM!

Serving Lakeland, Florida 33815 and surrounding cities.



Good credit, bad credit, first time buyer? NO CREDIT NEEDED! With our Buy Here Pay Here program we are able to work with everybody. Above all, we are here to help!


Every used car has been through a multi-point inspection. Therefore, if anything needed to be fixed, it already has!


Our Buy Here Pay Here used car inventory comes with a GWC Certified Used Car Warranty of at least 6 months/7,500 miles warranty. *Conditions apply



Now you don’t have to worry about how you can get financed for a used car. If you want to gift a vehicle to someone or buy it for your own our Buy Here Pay Here program has made it very simple for you.

You don’t have to overthink again for bank financing or getting your application approved. After all, you can find all these advantages here through our Buy Here Pay Here program at EZ AUTO Lakeland.


At EZ AUTO Lakeland you will get to choose from a clean and quality used car inventory. In addition, every used car is deeply inspected by certified mechanics.

Each used car has 6 months or 7,500 miles nationwide warranty.

Our Used Car Inventory includes Coupe, Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, Sports Cars, etc.

That was a basic overview of our Buy Here Pay Here program offered at EZ AUTO Lakeland dealership. In conclusion, if you want more in-detail information, visit us in person or contact us through our website via chat or phone number.


In conclusion, if you are in need of a used car but do not have perfect credit, and you are located in LakelandMulberryPlant CityDavenportBartowHaines CityWinter HavenAuburndalePolk CityZephyrhills or any other nearby city in Polk County.

Visit us and we will show you all the used car inventory available and help you set up financing through our Buy Here Pay Here program


What is buy here pay here?

Buy Here Pay Here financing is the easiest way to finance a used car in which the dealership themselves finance or extended credit to the customer regardless of their credit situation. In other words, no credit is needed.

As a result, approvals are very straight forward and immediate, as compared as going through a traditional lender where approvals are very complex and usually will require the customer to have more than good credit.

Is buy here pay here beneficial?

Yes, it is. Buy Here Pay Here financing comes with many benefits for the customer.

Immediate in-house loan support

  • No third party companies to deal with, remember you are dealing directly with us, we are only a phone call away in case you have any question.

Low Down Payments

  • Our Buy Here Pay Here program is designed to ask the very minimum down payment we can ask for based on the vehicle. In conclusion, remember we are always willing to work with you and help you buy your next used car from us.

Flexible Terms

  • Our finance team will always make sure the structure fits your budget. Therefore, we will always give you an approval with very flexible terms and affordable monthly payments.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Your Previous Credit History Doesn’t Matter

  • Your previous credit history won’t matter with us. Above all, our Buy Here Pay Here program is designed to get everybody financed regardless of their credit.

Helps Rebuild Your Credit

  • We know you care about your credit and we want to help you rebuilt it. In other words, your monthly payments will be reported to your credit usually after 4-5 months of making your payments on time.

How long does it take to get approved for buy here pay here?

Our Buy Here Pay Here approval process is immediate, very straight forward and extremely simple. In other words, the down payment is everything it takes to get financed for the vehicle you want.

Our team will show you our current used car inventory available for Buy Here Pay Here, it is as easy as picking the options you like and our team will come up with a very straight financing structure. Therefore, you will immediately know your down payment and monthly payment.


In other words, you don’t have to wait for the bank to process your application.

Our In-House support is so fast that you will get your used car loan approved immediately.

Above all, our team will go over all the financing terms to make sure your down payment and monthly payment will fit your budget. In addition, if you want a three, four or five-year plan, you can do that by setting your terms of repayment with us.

After that, you can also select from weekly monthly or bimonthly installment plan according to the terms offered on the approval.

In conclusion, if you are still thinking that you have low credit or no credit or bad credit repo just stop thinking about that. With BHPH method everyone gets approved. That is the main advantage of this method.

How much down payment do I need for buy here pay here?

Down Payment is estimated based on the specific vehicle you are considering. Visit our inventory page to see the estimated down payment required for a Buy Here Pay Here financing structure. In conclusion, customers will need at least $1000 down to get approved for a used car.

Can I build my credit through buy here pay here?

YES! Monthly payments will be reported to your credit usually after 4-5 months of making your monthly payment on time. Therefore, you can expect improvements in your credit score shortly after purchasing your used car.

Do I get a warranty on my used car with buy here pay here?

YES! If financed through our Buy Here Pay Here program, your vehicle will be covered by at least a 6 months or 7,500 miles warranty through one of the biggest warranty provider in the nation called GWC Warranty

Where is EZ AUTO Lakeland - Buy here pay Here dealer located?

EZ AUTO Lakeland is located at 1612 W Memorial Blvd, Lakeland FL 33815 or CLICK HERE for GPS directions.

We Don’t Sell Cars, We Help You Buy Them! – EZ AUTO Lakeland