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This is our weekly Podcast! Where we discuss different topics such as: “What lenders look for when approving auto loans”, “Best time of the year to buy a used car”, “When to trade in your car”, and many other topics.

Our main goal with this Podcast is to help you with your car buying process. We understand how confusing it can be! So, whether you are trying to purchase a car with us or at a different dealership, we hope this Podcast helps you!


If you love cars, adventure, and challenges this is the video series for you! Every couple of weeks the EZ AUTO Team takes on a new challenge with the purpose of bringing you a good laugh!

We are strong believers that having fun and loving what you do is a key element for success, so join us in our next adventure and let’s succeed together!


We take on the streets and find out how much people know about buying a vehicle!


With the spring car-buying season in full swing, many individuals are on the lookout for a great deal in the used car market. However, a recent report from car-shopping site suggests that buyers may face difficulties in finding affordable options. In this blog post, we will explore the insights provided by the report titled “Used Market Enters Uncharted Territory Post-Pandemic” and shed light on the current state of the used car market. We will discuss the reasons behind the high prices, the dwindling pool of cheap vehicles, and the potential impact on buyers.